Providing the digital infrastructure to tokenise construction data....


Providing the digital infrastructure to tokenise construction data

ArkiToken addresses the opportunity new technologies bring to establish a transparent and trusted environment for the construction industry. Many initiatives have studied how industry processes and procedures can be improved. ArkiToken provides the tools to tokenise the industry information flow to enable new digital processes. Key technologies will build on the advantages unlocked by the digital environment BIM is establishing

  • DLT – Distributed ledger or blockchain technologies enable an immutable record of transaction. When linked to codified documents and federated building models smart contract procedures can be enabled

  • Ai – Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be utilised once information is codified and procedures automated and lessons extracted

ArkiToken has been established as a Community Interest Company limited by shares and with a large membership capability. This will allow contribution from and ensure ownership by industry of the system architecture and procedures to implement ArkiToken. The common good is ensured through central software and standards development.

The trade mark is being applied for by the CIC., .io and .org have been procured.

Foundation members are envisaged as being sectorial leaders who will contribute to the ethos and constitution of ArkiToken and lead on individual software components. Initial Foundation members who we are in discussion with cover Contracts, Standards, BIM integration, Procurement procedures and Project management systems

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